About EAST



The Hot Springs High School EAST Program has been around since 2008. But even more importantly, EAST (Environmental and Spatial Technology) has existed since 1996 and was founded by a teacher in Greenbrier, AR. Tim Stephenson saw an opportunity for at-risk students to gain success in the classroom through project-based learning. When kids have the chance to tackle a real-world problem using the technology available to them in the classroom, they’re more likely to be invested in their own learning. EAST is a course that participates in community service projects using technology. While our mission is not to create fundraisers or awareness of certain topics, these two things sometimes end up being smaller components of our project.


We find needs or problems within our school and community and figure out how to help or solve those problems using technology. Students spend all year learning about the latest in technology and have access to anything from photography and filming to website design, 3D design, graphic design and more. They then apply this knowledge in a real world-setting. You can see examples of these projects in our project gallery. We’d also love to hear from you if there are any needs with your organization or business that we can assist with.


We are very proud of our program and accomplishments as well as the connections we’ve maintained in our community. You can see a list of our community partners in a separate tab as well. We’ve created documentaries about issues that affect the state of Arkansas, we have filmed local Hot Springs parades for years, created ads and flyers for local organizations, and a database for local food pantries.


HSHS EAST wants to continue partnering with our community and we hope to leave a lasting impact. Let us know how we can do this with you!